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Why Zuca Bags?

Zuca bags were designed by a mother who had concerns with her son’s back pain problems due to those heavy pile of books he had to carry to the school- which makes this bag one of the marvelous creations ever. When it was first designed, it was supposed to serve as a school bag for children, but later it was upgraded to serve many purposes. The main attraction of these bags is that they come with a seat- which means you can basically sit on this bag. Yes, you heard it right! Ever since its entry into the global market, it has made quite a remarkable progress with a lot of people opting for these zuca bags. They have made a tremendous progress in all types of markets ever since its creation, making them more reliable. They excelled in figure skating- zuca bags are the primary choice for ice skaters all around the world. This unique bag consists of what they call a Zuca frame and a Zuca insert. They also come in different colours, shapes, and designs. There are a lot of compartments and pockets- making room for almost all your products.

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With a set of four wheels, zuca bags move smoothly when you roll it over on the ground making it an ideal travel companion. It also comes with a mobile locker- making it the safest travel bag available. It can withstand a weight up to 300lbs which means there’s no damage caused to the bag even if you stand on top of it! Having said all this, we guess there is no other reason why we think this is a must buy for you. Still wondering why you should buy this? It also comes with a one year warranty- covers almost all manufacturing defects. We do not compromise on quality which is why strive hard in delivering the expected results. We also believe is establishing trust- the number of satisfied customers is increasing day by day. These bags also come in different variants- Zuca mini bag for kids, Zuca Flyer bag for grownups, Zuca bag pro for professionals etc. In fact, these bags are custom made to serve all your travelling necessities.

What makes us the best?

Besides producing marvelous bags, we have made a name for ourselves in both the hemispheres. Our objective is to produce bags that meet the needs of people belonging to all occupations. One fun fact is that you can use it to carry your pet with you no matter where you go. The multi-purpose Zuca bags are made of extremely durable aluminium alloy frame- mainly designed to serve as a seat and capacious textile insert that comes in a variety of colours. These two parts constitute the whole bag. The best part is- these parts can be purchased separately. This means bag owners can purchase each zuca elements separately instead of purchasing the entire unit- making them unique and the best available bag in the market.

In short, we work hard in gaining and maintaining the trust of our customers- which drives us to produce more satisfying results.