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What Is The Right Way To Choose AC For Home

Air conditioner systems are one of the inevitable ways to get relief from the scorching heat of the summer season. With plenty of different types of air conditioning systems available in the market, without extensive knowledge of it can make you confused. So, it becomes important to understand the components, working, and specifications of an air conditioner before heading to the market.

Basic structure of a split AC

A split air conditioning system basically comprises of two important parts. These are the outdoor unit and indoor unit. Where the indoor component of the system is installed inside, the outdoor component is installed in an open space. This also enables one to clean this unit easily and efficiently. There is also one copper tube that connects the indoor as well as the outdoor unit effectively.

Choose AC For Home

Learn about the features

Brands are introducing latest models of air conditioners with attractive designs, energy efficient features with 5-star rating and remarkable automated functions that aid in promoting the best health of a person. These exceptionally designed AC systems include features that are developed as per the Indian markets such as local climatic patterns, health conditions, and consumer needs.

Besides being just a cooling device, these advanced new age air conditioners come with innovative features such as air purification, humidity control, and a mosquito repelling ability in a non-toxic manner. This lets you enjoy a peaceful sleep while keeping serious epidemics such as malaria, and dengue at bay.


The cooling capacity of the AC depends on the floor dimensions of the place for which the system is need. For example, an area with 120 to 140 Sq. ft. space will require one ton, 150 to 180 Sq. ft. space will require 1.5 ton and 180 to 240 Sq. ft. space will require 2-ton capacity of AC.

Energy efficiency:

Energy efficient AC is one of the best ways to reduce increasing mercury levels and power bills effectively. To know how energy efficient an AC is, you need to look at its (star rated) energy efficiency rating. The higher the rating, the lesser energy it will consume.

Lloyd is the No. 1 in the field of air conditioning systems. It manufactures a world class range of best quality mobiles, printers, laptops, ACs, cameras, refrigerators, TVs, washing machines, etc.


AC comes in mainly two common designs, Split and window AC. Window units are less expensive and simple to install, whereas split ACs are quiet, aesthetically pleasing and offer improved air distribution.

Product Price:

Price is another significant factor to consider when making this one-time expensive investment. The price of the AC may depend on the brand, performance, and energy efficiency features built into it. It is important to make a budget and then select the equipment that is available within that budget.


An air conditioning system is an expensive purchase. The right selection comes through proper understanding of the device and an efficient comparison with other models. These tips will aid you towards making the right decision.