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Water Tubing Safety Tips for safe Family Tubing

Once the summer season hits, most of the people start planning for water tubing as it is one of the most family friendly and enjoyable water all the rush to get out there on the water, you should remember the basic safety concerns associated with tubing.

So, before you go out for water tubing, keep the following safety tips in your mind to make sure your experience is thrilling, safe and enjoyable as well.

Tips for safe Family Tubing

Be Sure to Wear a PFD

Whenever you are on the water, it is always a good idea to wear personal floating device. It helps a lot when a tube rider become separated from the boat due to some reasons. It keeps the wearer floating on the water to help prevent drowning.

Check the Weather for Strong Waves

Water tubing at high speeds, shrill turns and large waves can be fun, but strong waves can cause serious injuries for tube riders. That is the reason, before heading out for water tubing, check marine forecast for strong waves and plan your trip accordingly.

Know Your Water Tubing Equipment

Almost all the equipment manufacturers clearly stat recommendations and precautions on their equipment to keep the riders safe. That is the reason, read the labels or user guide carefully to know basic things like weight capacity, maximum towing speed, age restriction, and number of allowed riders etc. Also check the equipment damages before you leave for water tubing.

Watch and Know the Tube Rider

You should understand the swimming skills of your tube rider to make sure whether he/she will be comfortable with the treading waves or not. You should also use a spotter to watch the rider if they fall off the tube. Operate the boat on speed your rider is comfortable with. Standard speed for water tubing is 20 to 25 mph. driving the boat too fast can be dangerous and can cause serious accident or injury. Remember to perform the basic safety measures to provide the riders with fun and safe experience.

Know Your Body of Water

We cannot tube in shallow (low level) water as if the rider falls of the tube, he will be walking on water for a while. That’s why, before rushing into water for water tubing, know the body of water you are on and be aware of pulling speed in different areas for safe and secure water tubing. Also, maintain safe distance from the boat and docks to stay safe from injuries and accidents.

Drive the Boat Carefully

When you are driving the boat for water tubing, it is your responsibility to keep the tube riders safe and you can do it by driving the boat carefully. Do necessary things for a safe boat driving such as slow down when approaching a wake and drive the boat with standard speed limits. A rider may take a bounce due to the wake, but it can cause serious injuries if balance is out. Water tubing on high speed seems like fun but you as a boat driver should keep riders’ safety in mind. Before you start driving, make sure the rider is ready to go. Make sure the rider has a firm hold and in a ready position.