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Watch Out For These Harmful Side Effects Of The Most Loved Drug- Methandrostenolone

Methadrostenolone popular under the brand name Dianabol is one of the preffered steroids for years. It is highly popular and ranks number one as an oral steroid, it is only second to testosterone when it comes to injectable or other intake form of steroids. The drug has high anabolic properties with its androgenic properties just about moderate.

There are often discussion around the harmful effects of this drug and it is only advisable that users know what they are using.

There is a huge difference between what is known and what is experienced. The reviews and the rating about the androgenic properties are way higher than what is shown in the rating.

Methandrostenolone comes with certain side effects like many drugs do. There is however, fair ways in which the side effects can be reduced to minimum.


Major side effects from the use of Methadrostenolone are,

Excess water retention and bloating


High Blood pressure

LDL cholesterol level increase

HDL cholesterol level decreased

Even though all these sides’ effects may lead to long term damage they can be avoided with a few interventions in time.

What leads to these side effects? The main reason why these side effects surface is the suppression of testosterones in the body. When the anabolic steroids are consumed the natural production of testosterones is reduced. If this situation is ignored then it leads to a long term damage, it is this advised that supplements are taken along with the steroid to maintain the levels.

Another major side effect associated with Methandrostenolone is the risk of high blood pressure, which should be resolved with proper diet, water levels and healthy lifestyle

Human cholesterol level should also be kept under control when one use the Methandrostenolone as there is a little risk.

Another side effects that is most often than not kept away from is the with the testicles. The body is unable to perform certain acts due to slow reactions and lack of activity. But it is seen that when the steroid is discontinued then the normal testosterone levels are maintained which eventually bring the activity and performance back to normal.

One of the side effects which are related to water retention and gynecomastia from using methandrostenolone can be avoided with medicines that has anti-estrogen. One of the major side effects that everyone worries about when talking about adverse effects after taking Methandrostenolone is decreased testosterone level which directly affects the libido function in the body. The side effects can be subsided with the use of testosterone supplements which are available in the market. The hormones are commonly available in the market and are legal. It should be noted that any brand can be used and one should also regulate the amount of steroids taken. This is to avoid long term damage which becomes a possibility when the situation is ignored.

Common lifestyle ideas would be to take diet with omega-3 acids and avoid use of toxins as far as possible which will ensure a healthy body and better steroid results.