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Types of Lanyards and Benefits of Custom Recyclable Lanyards

Lanyards are great promotional tools used extensively by every kind of business. The trend is increasing because lanyards can be adjusted across every kind of needs and budget. The different types of lanyards you get are –

  • Functional lanyards – It helps people carry different crucial belongings like ID cards, cameras, badges, USB memory drives, cell phones, whistles and more. The functional lanyard price varies considerably. The customization process plays a huge role between expensive and budget-friendly options.
  • Classical woven lanyards – These types are desired and coveted because it represents traditional culture. Woven lanyards are also popular for their durability.
  • Traditional military lanyards – Lanyards are the origin of the military. Its function was to help naval officers carry their whistles and pistols without any concerns about losing them.
  • Stylish lanyards – People buy this type for style and fashion. The look aspect is the main aspect of modern lanyards. These are designed from costly materials like pearls, jade, topaz, or other semi-precious stones. Beaded lanyards are a great accessory for electronic gadgets like USB flash drives or cameras.
  • Customized lanyards – Materials differ including polyester, nylon, and flat-cotton. Serious businesses choose this type to customize them. The lanyards bear contents, logos, and descriptions that make their brand stand out.

On you can buy custom recycled lanyards designed from thrown away PET water bottles. The benefits of recycled lanyards are –

Benefits of Custom Recyclable Lanyards


Recycled lanyards are less costly than other kinds of promotional products. Moreover, on bulk orders, you can make a cheap deal. You just need to print cards having your visitor’s or employees’ names on it and attach it with the lanyard. It is an easy and useful way of interacting at the workplace.

Convenient & comfortable

It is a perfect accessory to carry keys or ID cards, making them available whenever necessary without any concerns of misplacing or losing it. Generally, lanyards are worn around the neck allowing the hands of your employees to stay free and do other tasks with ease.

Improves brand exposure

Customized recycled lanyards can do more than just carry ID cards with name tags. Have the logo or message fo your company imprinted on them to increase brand visibility. They can become a great brand ambassador for your company. Use this efficient promotional product at seminars, trade shows, conferences, events, group meetings, etc. You can use them as giveaways to prospects as mementos of your products.

Easily customizable

Recyclable lanyards can be customized in terms of color and style to reflect your brand. Choose a striking color because it can have a potent visual impact. Recycled material is durable and can be customized with a silk-screening or dye-sublimation process. Choose optional attachments to personalize the lanyards more including add-ons like metal hooks, key rings, safety breakaway or yo-yo clips.

Eco-friendly material

With recyclable lanyards, you can introduce an eco-friendly brand image. The company’s logo printed on an eco-friendly material ensures that you get optimistic feedback from employees and the audience. It reveals your concern towards the environment and thus increases your brand credibility.