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The Usage Of Dianabol For Having The Correct Physique

Every human being has the dream to have a physique which every other individual should envy. We, also have such a dream and for that very reason try to use Dianabol for having such a physique. The usage of Dianabol started back during the 1960 Olympics and was used by the Americans to defeat the Soviets in the game. It is now also used by many for having the required physique. Dianabol usage in bodybuilding has various benefits mixed with certain side effects which we should be aware of before using such a steroid.

The benefits that can be achieved

Correct Physique

Let us first make ourselves aware of the various benefits that we can have from the usage of such a steroid for building our body.

  • Cost effectiveness: The steroid is not costly but is quite effective in the building of muscle mass. So, it provides us a cost effective means of having the physique which others envy.
  • Ease of use: The product can be taken orally instead of being injected into the body. So, we get a painless means of building our body.
  • Quick action: It is quite effective in the formation of muscle mass and the desired result can be seen within months of starting the usage of this steroid. It can also be used with other drugs to have the maximum improvement quickly.

The dosage that should be followed

After going through the benefits that you can have by using Dianabol you may be thinking about having it for building your body. It is prudent that you know the proper dosage so that you get the desired result easily. The dosage depends on various factors like stage that the user is in. For men it is recommended that the steroid is taken at a dose of 5 mg to 30 mg daily for a period of six to eight weeks. The drug should not be taken continuously and there should be a rest period in between. Women may also take the drug for body building at a lower dosage of 2.5 mg to 5 mg daily.

The safety concerns that you must keep in mind

Dianabol usage in bodybuilding is associated with some side effects. You must be aware of those and then have the drug for building your body.

Toxic to kidneys: The drug is toxic to kidney and it should be taken having this in mind that precaution must be taken so that no damage is done to this important organ.

Cardiovascular effect: You may have cardiovascular disease if you continuously take this medication for building your body.

Acne: The drug enhances the function of Sebaceous glands resulting in excess oil production. Due to this one may suffer from Acne.

Excess growth of hair: This is another side effect one may suffer from while having this medication. Unwanted hairs growth and unusual place and cause embarrassments.

Hypertension: You may be suffering from hypertension if you take this steroid continuously for building your body.

So, it is recommended that you consult your medical friend and know the proper dosage and period of intake to avoid these side effects and have your body build.