The Most Effective Methods of Cleaning Gold Jewellery at Home

Gold jewellery pieces are costly and therefore need to be stored and maintained properly. Pure gold comes in 24-karat. In case your jewellery piece has less than twenty-four karats, it means it’s stacked with other metals. Such a stack is called an alloy and is formed to increase the durability and hardness of the gold. Mixing gold with other metals isn’t a good thing.

Apart from increasing its longevity, it will ensure that your gold jewellery, be it gold ring, gold bangles, or gold necklaces gets saved from accidental scratching. Mixing gold with 10 proportion of alloy will make your jewellery piece stronger thereby increasing its longevity.

How to Clean Your Gold Necklace Set?

Cleaning Gold Jewellery at Home

Cleaning your jewellery piece is not only important to increase its longevity, but it will also ensure that you get rid of bacteria and germs from the surface of your jewellery. Proper and regular cleaning is important to keep your gold jewellery in top shape. Following are some easy and effective ways to clean jewellery pieces at home:

  • Safe Cleaning Procedure

One of the safest methods to clean a gold jewellery piece is by using Luke warm water, soft cloth and a damp. Chamois, a soft cotton cloth, which is usually used in spas for cleaning faces, is good for gold cleaning.

You need to rub the cloth over every part of necklace, avoiding the strand. Once finished, you need to pat the necklace for drying and after it dries completely, you can store it in a box with tissues.

Apart from this, some jewellers recommend cleaning it by diluting water with small part of dish soap. However, you need to be aware of the fact that this procedure is somewhat risky since the dish soaps can damage the piece.  You can use this method only when you necklace is very dirty and traditional cleaning methods don’t work.

  • Saltwater Method

Another method, suggested by gold jewellery owners is saltwater cleaning. You need to dilute small amount of salt with water and then clean the necklace by gently rubbing with a soft cloth. After cleaning, keep it for drying and then store it in a box once it dries completely.

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All you need is to add the product in cart and make payment on checkout option. Some online retailers also offer doorstep delivery that too without any additional charge. You can find gold pendant set designs in affordable price range. Such designer jewellery pieces are a must pick for gifting on special occasions such as wedding, baby shower and engagement etc. You can also surprise your would-be wife with such a special gift on your anniversary.


Hope the mentioned tips in this article will help you to keep your gold jewellery safe and clean.

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