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The Beauty Industry Will Never Be The Same Anymore Due To The Power Of Internet

In recent times, we have become habituated to seeing the beauty industry successfully navigate the e-commerce industry due to the numerous social media updates, the technological innovations, alterations in consumer behavior and the digital marketing trends. Amidst the mobile-first era, there is always an ever-evolving demographics and an enhanced use of social media and all these factors have given birth to a well-educated consumer. These days, customers are more likely to go through the list of ingredients carefully much unlike what they did before. They can compare more products and have a lot more information at their fingertips.

Online beauty websites like have also become popular in offering all sorts of cosmetic and beauty products with the click of a button. There is also a shift in the way in which consumers perceive beauty products. Do you ever wonder how the beauty industry has managed to gain the trust of the consumers and how so many customers have been persuaded to buy things online?

Beauty Industry
Beauty Industry

Social media and the word of mouth

As the mobile devices drive maximum global internet traffic, the social media platforms have now become conversational hubs where information and experiences on a product are shared among consumers. Specifically for the beauty industry, the social media platforms are the main way of engaging customers into the brand content with the aim of boosting sales. As per a recent report from Facebook IQ, 46% of the beauty shoppers in the US claimed that co-workers, family members and friends on social media are their ultimate and primary source of influence for buying skincare and cosmetic products.

Apart from social ads that are targeted, marketers are now able to communicate their personal core values, develop their social voice tone and gradually get engaged with their customers in utilizing their stories which connect with the followers on a personal level to offer product knowledge to the customers.

Social media influencers also influence the beauty industry

Social media influencers along with the micro influencers are the key to building customer purchase decisions for online beauty products and they’re notably popular with the millennials who are used to carrying smartphones. Youtube can be considered as another incubator for the beauty experts and the influencers are more relatable to their brands and audience.

Therefore, when you’re wondering about the ways in which the beauty industry has gone online and has achieved success, you have to take a look at the bigger picture.