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Over The Counter Steroids And Their Laws

As steroid laws are different all across the world, this also determines their availability. The anabolic steroids might not be legal in your country without prescription, and you need to check forums that will help you in this. If you have been consuming supplements for sports nutrition, then you need to know about your limitations.

The over the counter steroids are sure to give you quick results, but they don’t work like miracles. This is also after you have found them available or got your hold on them. These days, many fitness buffs go to GNC, Walmart and Vitamin Shoppe to buy the over the counter steroids, which are legal. Most supplements consider that it is the closest thing to real steroids.

Counter Steroids And Their Laws

What are over the counter steroids?

After going through a casual survey of some of the counters selling steroids, a lot of employees were asked if they sell or know about legal steroid alternatives. However, most of them would say that they don’t know or haven’t got any of these. The ones who were unsure said that they have to verify with their managers. This explained that unless they were hiding the illegal steroids in the back room, they were not selling any of these.

Why do the stores like GNC and OTC not sell steroids?

The stores like GNC don’t sell steroids because they cannot be sold legally and without a doctor’s prescription. GNC is not one of the pharmacies that can let you have steroids. Even if these were a type of pharmacy, they will not sell anabolic steroids as the drugs were banned in USA in 2001. You might suspect that there are many products in the market, just like the over the counter alternatives. However, these are not steroids. If these are caught to have steroid content, they would be pulled from the shelves when FDA finds out that something has gone off their radar. Most supplements are simple mass gains, amino acids and protein shakes. Many companies produce products for doing a good job at marketing them like legal anabolics. The following is an example of some of the GNC call the nearest product to steroids.

GNC’s Professional Performance

The product is a little more than powder containing a huge amount of protein for around 50 grams of every serving. It is jam-packed with other drugs and muscle gain supplements like creatine, L-arginine, L-Methionine, Beta Anhydrous and L-Glycine. The representatives of this brand claim that most people who use this get amazing results.

The user reviews of OTC on forums and blogs from people will consume AMP on their own and they say that they are satisfied with the results. They reveal that the supplements help them recover, have quick gains and energy levels. Some people complained about having acne, diarrhea, difficult to swallow and discomfort. Even you find them available over the counter they are pretty expensive. You would have to spend around $140 only for a 10 pound bag.