Money-Saving Tips For Planning Your Wedding

As wedding is one of the bigger expenses in someone’s life, it could be more expensive than your plan. If you are planning your wedding then you must also be looking for money saving ideas to make your big day extra special without breaking the bank.

In this article, we will provide you with some proven money saving tips so you can avoid more common wedding planning pitfalls. Here is how you can take charge of your money and effectively plan your wedding, honeymoon and other wedding related expenses to make your day memorable without getting into debt.

Planning Your Wedding

Start by Making a Wish List

When planning your big day, you should start by listing all the things and items you need and what you want to make your wedding outstanding. Make a wish list that includes wedding costs, honeymoon expenses, decorations and gifts etc. Once the list is made, decide who you would prioritize needs vs wants and how much you are about to spend on wedding wishes.

Trim your Guest List

It is always hard to celebrate your big day without special persons but it is also true that trimming your guest list down is one of the best ways to save money on your wedding. It will help you lower the overall wedding costs such as invitations, catering, food and venue size etc. Consider the most important people and keep the guest list as short as possible.

Allocate your Budget

Allocating budget for listed wedding expenses and wishes is a perfect way to manage money for wedding costs and to save some bucks as well. It will also let you know ahead of time if you are in need of a loan instantly to finance your wedding efficiently. There are many websites and magazines that can provide you with some good ideas of how much things cost and who you can allocate available budget for all the wedding related costs.

Pick an Off-peak Date

When selecting a date for your wedding, try to fix an off-peak date. If there is a huge demand for a date you have chosen, you will need to pay a higher amount for venue and other things associated with wedding planning. That is the reason, picking an off-peak date can help you save a lot of bucks by paying lower price for different things like venue, catering, food, decoration and so on.

Negotiate Unexpected Costs

Many unexpected costs can pop up while you are planning a wedding. They may include cake-cutting, power for DJ, a photo booth or additional decoration etc. don’t accept any of them unthinkingly and be sure to negotiate if the price is unreasonable. If the vendor refuses to offer a discount or rebate, humbly request to have it removed from expenses and save you bucks for another important thing.

Limit your Photographer’s Hours

As most of the photographers are available on hourly wages, you can save wedding money by shaving off some of the time the videographer or photographer is present. Hire them for capturing the most important moments of your wedding and avoid creating footage of unnecessary things like end-of-reception dance.

Take Advantage of a Credit Card

Most of the credit card providers provide their customers with benefits like cashbacks, credit card rewards and discounts etc. If you have a credit card with some cashback offers, make sure to pay for wedding expenses with it so you can save wedding money for other important things. Also check for the vendors if they offer discount or special offers when you make payments via credit card.

Know what you DON’T need

As making a wish list is an important part of this list of money-saving tips for wedding, you should clearly know that what you really don’t need on your wedding. It will help you prevent unnecessary wedding costs that can be spent on important needs.

Avoid Borrowing Money to Pay for your Wedding

Wedding is a big day of your life and you should not start it with debt. try to pay for wedding costs and expenses with your personal savings or wedding funds. You can also cut on unnecessary wedding costs to manage your money without getting into debt. however, if you really need some extra cash to pay wedding costs, first carefully think about it and search for a lender with lower interest rate and a few approval requirements. Most of the lenders and banks also offer wedding loans that come with affordable interest rates and are easy to approve.