Importance of Love – Traditional Hindu Wedding Celebrations

Among Indian weddings, Hindu weddings occupy a special place. This is because Hindu weddings mainly follow the traditional practices in the wedding. They have some special rituals and practices and these practices make Hindu weddings popular among the people. Also, the Hindu wedding has a number of rituals than all other weddings. The Hindu wedding is a grand matter which normally begins with the printing of wedding cards.

Hindu wedding cards

Hindu weddings follow a special procedure for the wedding. In that, printing wedding card is the first thing that every Hindu wedding does. They called the wedding card as ‘Partika’ and used this for informing their guests about the wedding ceremony as well as a way of sending out warm welcome to the guests. Also, according to the Hindu wedding, guests are given most importance and respect and this sentiment is reflected in every step of the wedding – beginning with the wedding cards. These cards can also be obtained as online wedding cards.

Wedding Celebrations

In Hindu weddings, wedding cards are the hallmark thing and the generous tradition of the Hindu wedding is highlighted with the lavishly rich colored wedding invitations which is aesthetically designed in papers that are handmade and with good designs enriched with heart-full emotions. These wedding cards represent lively mood and glitter and fun of the wedding ceremony. The purpose of designing the wedding cards in this manner is not only to invite the guests, but also to express the theme and style of the grand day.

Have religious symbols

The wedding cards of Hindu wedding contain symbols of Gods like Lord Ganesha, Lord Srilakshmi, Lord Srinivasa and Mangal Ghat in rich texture. These symbols are used to gain the blessings of the God. The significance of these wedding cards has undergone a fundamental change.

With these features, the Hindu wedding cards also have some special characteristics such as

  • In general, the invites are printed in double sided; basically it is in the form of two-page work where the words are printed in beautiful designs and patterns. Also, these wedding cards are more colorful.
  • Normally, most of the Hindu wedding cards make use of religious designs such as folded hands, lamps etc and you can get these Hindu online wedding cards easily
  • The colors used in the Hindu wedding cards are luxurious and magnificent and significant in nature as they depict the fertility and happiness of the wedding. Mostly, it contains red, golden yellow and green colors
  • As the Hindu wedding is steered in culture and tradition, in some cases, the wedding cards may be printed in a leaf or a scroll format. Traditional designs are quite commonly seen.
  • And another important thing is the Hindu wedding cards have the names of the closest relatives in large numbers.
  • As the Hindus place great emphasis on hospitality, the cards are wonderful words are placed in the cards. The guests given the necessary information about the time and venue of the wedding, they are also warmly invited to shower their blessings on the couple.