How Many Stalks of Lucky Bamboo Plants Are You Buying? Here’s a Complete Guide to That

We all have known now that a certain plant named Lucky bamboo is brought to home to change the state of life. I have seen many people buying Lucky Bamboo Plant but they are basically not so happy with the placement. The stalks that is in that pot need to be considered before you place it in your home. The number of bamboo stalks decide whether it is going to bring luck to your life or make no difference at all. Learn some tips about the stalks of lucky bamboo plant in the following paragraph and have a great life ahead.

Lucky Bamboo Plants

2 Stalks of Lucky Bamboo: You must have heard the phrase that “all good things come in pair”. This is the theory behind gifting this one as a gift to someone special. For someone who has recently tied the knot, would have a shower of luck for sure with this gift.

3 Stalks of Lucky Bamboo: This number three is considered to be the best among all the offering. Many beliefs relating to varied cultural zones consider three to be an unlucky number that somehow spoils blissful life. But in Feng Shui theory three stalks of lucky bamboo plant would pour into your life in segments of happiness, longevity, and wealth. So, you can say that anyone can keep it in their home.

4 Stalks of Lucky Bamboo: You would never find any lucky bamboo with four stalks and in case you notice it, you must discard that because in Chinese faith, the number four relates to death and negative energies.

5 Stalks of Lucky Bamboo: It is said that for an overall development in all sectors of your life, a lucky bamboo plant with five stalks is extremely helpful. Health, career, family, wealth, relationships and everything else would fall in its happy place once you bring this wonder plant in your home. The emotional, intuitive, mental, physical, and spiritual progress would happen in your life with this one. So, go for it right now.

6 Stalks of Lucky Bamboo: In Chinese and Feng Shui credence, the number six is synonymous with luck. Prosperity, happiness, and wealth is going to be your friend for life if you bring this one home. If some dear friend is suffering from any lack of luck, you can think to gift this indoor plant to that person.

7 Stalks of Lucky Bamboo: A good health and a magical relationship with your near and dear one is assured with this bamboo plant. As a birthday, anniversary, or New Year gift, this one would be suggested.

8 Stalks of Lucky Bamboo: It refers to fertility and also attraction. To enhance luck and prosperity in these two sectors, you can definitely place this bamboo plant variation.

9 Stalks of Lucky Bamboo: Once you get a bamboo plant with 9 stalks, he/she is going to receive some great news and a good luck for life is guaranteed with this one.

10 Stalks of Lucky Bamboo: 10 is a perfect number and thus a perfection would be attained by you in your life if you place this indoor plant in your home.