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Handmade European Bags

The handmade handbags of 4bag become one of the most loved brand names for women, around Greece.

The last 5 years, the company operates the e-shop with bags  and shares the love for women bags with people around Europe.

We have excellent personal relationship with a great number of our clients, as the most of them come back for more products after buying for the first time.

The philosophy on which is based our company is the direct customer service and that’s why people use to prefer our online shop among others.

The new European trends in handbags

The modern European people, are well informed about fashion in clothes, shoes and accessories. Not only the women, but also the men have learned to take care for their selves.

Throughout the past years of the expansion, people started to become more elegant and well dressed. Handbags is the most important accessory for everyone, either we are talking about a woman, or we are talking about a man!

Today’s fashion is the classic and monochromes outfits on pastel shades combined with accessories on earth shades.

The most loved brand bags with a click

In the address of our site,, you can find some of the most brand names in bag market such as, ELENA ATHANASIOU, TRUSSARDI JEANS, ALVIERO MARTINI 1 CLASSE, CROMIA, LA TOUR EIFFEL, VOGUE, ANEKKE, FIDO, LE PANDORINE, SILVER & POLO, TED LAPIDUS, JACQUES ESTEREL, ADONIO ADRIANO , VERDE and POSSET  and imagine that you can make them yours just with a click in the comfort of your house..

Except from finding more than 1000 bags and accessories, you can also see every day the new intros we have.

So, what is your favorite brand? Among the bags you are going to find our unique 100% recycled leather products, the Greek Handmade bags and the Italian Handmade bags.

Enjoy your shopping and make profit of the bags in sales, that we offer you!