Fun Facts About Hollywood Horror Movies

The horror genre is no more exclusive to certain studios and makers. With the genre’s increasing popularity, the upcoming producers have been motivated to look brightly upon the scope of horror movies. New promising studios like the STX Entertainment with their addition of horror movies like The Boy and The Bye Bye Man, to their already existing list of drama, romance, action and thriller genre of movies, is starting to arise questions like  “Is This Hollywood’s Next Major Studio?” Bob Simonds & TPG Growth’s Venture Fully Financed, JP Morgan Says; Hiring, Deals to Start in Earnest possible measures are taken by these studios to produce more and more of horror movies with superior cinematic efficiency. From Evil Dead To Conjuring, we all can say that horror movies in Hollywood have entertained us a lot. Now as scary the end product maybe, even the most scariest of horror movie may have the funniest of behind the camera fact. So, here are few fun facts about the Hollywood horror movies that you should know.

  1. Shotgun Blanks On The Set Of Exorcist

 It is no doubt that whoever has watched the movie The Exorcist has given his spine chills but not many of us know the fun fact behind it. In an interview, the director said that he used a prop man who would continuously fire a blank shotgun so that the actors would get a frightened and authentic reaction.

  1. H. R. Giger Designed All The Creatures in The Movie Alien

We all have watched the movie Alien and the creatures in it were quite a unique one which was designed by late H.R. Giger. The aliens in the movie seemed to attract us all but not all of you know that Giger had incorporated real human skull in the head of the Alien. When people asked Giger that where he had found the skulls he asked not to enquire where he got the skulls from.

  1. The Glory Noises In Evil Dead Were From Dead Chickens And Walnuts

In an interview with the Buzz Feed the Evil Dead, the actor of the movie said that they would crack a walnut to get the sound of a crack walnut moreover they would have a chicken and use the cleaver to wedge so that the audience would get the bit of goo… and impact.

  1. The Movie Scream Was Inspired By The Events Of Gainesville In Florida

During the early 90’s a serial killer from America named Gainesville Ripper murdered students in a disturbing way. This was the most talked incident on the news channel back then in the 90’s. The director Kevin Williamson came to know about the reports of the news and his mind was chilled with fear. This fear inspired him to write the opening scene of the movie scream.

  1. Director Of Horror Movies Late Wes Craven Had A Cameo

A Nightmare was the movie which the director Wes Craven was best known for. He also had a cameo in the movie for which he wore the sweater and a hat of Freddy Krueger. Sounds fascinating, isn’t it? Not all directors would do that.

  1. Using The Word Taco In The Movie The Blair Witch

During the shoot of the movie The Blair Witch, all the actors of the movie had agreed to stay in tor if their respective character during the whole shoots. But not all of them could stay all day long, so, in order to get out of the character or if they wanted to say something they had to use the word “taco” which meant they are not in their character.

So, those were the fun facts regarding the horror movies in Hollywood. Which fact sounded funnier to you let us know.