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Find Your Pick from the Sea of Pearls and View It Now

Nature has a beautiful way of presenting and placing things in their appropriate places. Behind every beautiful creation, there exists the immense effort of craftsmanship and time put in to nurture it into the most amazing fruition. One of nature’s most beautiful creations is pearls. And pearls make one of the most elegant statement jewellery out there.

Types of Pearls

It’s amazing to know that the tiny pearl has a variant range of naturally occurring shapes and colors to choose from. Even the misshapen ones have gazing connoisseurs!

Sea of Pearls

Pearls are naturally occurring formations within the shell of an oyster. The natural pearls are rare to find and have a hefty price tag. Necklaces and other pieces of jewelry made from natural pearls are priceless possessions passed down to generations. They are normally round in shape with a white or cream shade.

The craftsmanship of mankind has mimicked the natural process to create cultured pearls. The two varieties in cultured pearls are saltwater and freshwater pearls.

The saltwater pearls include the Akoya pearls, South Sea pearls which are the largest and Tahitian pearls also known as the black pearls. The black pearls are just a name for a collection of pearls in gray, blue, green and purple colors. The South Sea pearls come in white, cream and golden colors. Of which the golden pearl is quite popular and has a different glow from the rest of them.

The freshwater pearls are a variety similar to the Akoya cultured pearls.


Pearl jewelry has always been a part of every special occasion and a sure-fire gift which is well received. The ornate forms of pearl are many.

  • It could be a single strand of pearl or a double-stranded choker.
  • A beautiful south sea golden pearl bracelet is perfect for an eventful evening.
  • The black pearl drop earrings are perfect for celebrations and parties.

Pearls are perfect for formal as well as informal occasions and exude elegance. An individual from any age group can wear a piece of pearl jewellery.

Pearls and pearl jewelry are available online on various reputable jewelry websites which you can view it now. Just go to a particular website and find your favorite piece and get set to adorn it.