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Eliquid Depot Serving You The Best


   Our store provides you several products which are quite cost effective, real and most importantly fresh. Products like e liquids, tanks, coils, batteries are available here. E liquid is another term for e juice.

Eliquid Depot

Variations in products

     You can trust on any of our liquids blindly because we serve you the best. All the liquids of our store is completely perfect and such prepared so that it can be  serve for the required purpose and performance in subohm tanks having a ratio of 80% VG and 20% PG , in an efficient way. e juice gives you the best flavour and that too in a very affordable cheap price as compared to others. E liquid serves you 38 products; some of them are beverage, dessert, yogurt, fruity, creamy, menthol, tobacco etc.

       You can find a wide range of products with a great variety.

Getting on confusion what to choose??

 Leading to a confusion regarding products, we are here to help you out, one can go through the reviews presented in our site and if it was not satisfactory you can chat with us and can clear out your doubts. You can also call us at 18558535226 and feel free to ask any kind of questions.

Advantages for our customers

  • Free shipping is given for all domestic products over $30.
  • You can’t find any expiry product in our store. All our products are pre labelled and with a batch number and born on date.
  • By the help of rewards card you can enjoy 5% rewards on all purchases.
  • 100% certified products.

Brief details of our product

  • E liquid comprises of 38 products, some of which are Heisenberg, Gentleman, Ice Dragon, Pebbls, Pinky, Velocity, Throne, Beard etc.
  • Devices and Mods gives you 17 types of products like icare kit, icare solo, eGo AIO, eGo AIO D16, Smok Stick V8, Topbox Mini Tc etc.
  • Tanks and RDA consists of 13 products, which are Toptank Nano, Toptank Mini, Archtic V8, cloud chaser tip etc.
  • Coils have 33 products of variety, some of which are BVC coils, Nautilus BVC, TOCC coils, SOCC coils, VOCC coils etc.
  • Batteries provide 7 types of products LG HG2 3000mAH 20A, Samsung 30Q 3000mAH 20A, 18650 Battery case, MC1 charger, VC2 charger, VC4 charger, LUC Blu4.

You can order according to your ease and choice. You can review our product. We show you whether the product is in stock or not, you can choose what kind of product you want and of what colour and of how much quantity.

Warning and constituents contained

      Eliquid products consists of Vegetable Glycerine USP, Propylene Glycol Usp, Artificial Flavorings, and nicotine.

    As one of the ingredient of these products is Nicotine which can be considered as highly addictive to one. This is not a product for discontinuance of smoking. One should consult his/her physician or doctor before using this product if you are pregnant, breast feeding, any kind of reaction or allegy to nicotine.