Deadpool – Wade Through Antihero’s Life

One thing is certain: after the premiere of the film, those who love films about superheroes, but are not interested in their comics, will surely fall in love with him and his humor. Forget Spider-Man, X-men, Iron Man, Thanos, Ultron and all the other superheroes, deadpool figure is the new king of the screen.

Since this is your first movie, you should know this better before you go to the cinema, without knowing it.

Inactive consortium

Deadpool is the anti-hero of the Marvel comics (I think I already told you). Wow! With the mouth to be afraid. It is both fun and sarcastic. Because of his talkative nature and his tendency to break the fourth wall (speaking directly to the audience through the camera / film / television), he is known as “Merck with the Mouth.” It is known that he conquers or forces his opponents to surrender only by the force of his mouth.


“I always forget (or just turn off to save myself from agony) that Wilson’s most deadly weapon … his mouth! He will say nonsense until you surrender or commit suicide. ” – Domino (Neena Thurman)

He is the favorite character of the miracle that everyone loves. Here you should not only blame your humor, but also your way of doing things (even if it is childish). He knows how to get the most out of any bad situation, and he is not afraid of anyone. He does not discriminate and does not even hit his enemies. Not many of us know, but he also loves children and animals.

He is truly unique in the whole Marvel universe.

Power and Skills

It is disfigured and has the superhuman ability of an accelerated therapeutic factor that not only prevents its permanent damage due to improved cell regeneration throughout the body, but its neurons also suffer from accelerated regeneration, which causes psychosis, and it becomes mentally unstable. Now you know where his sarcasm comes from? In addition, your body is highly resistant to drugs and toxins due to its cellular regeneration.

Deadpool is also a killer, a mercenary, an experienced swordsman and a gunner. He also knows several forms of martial arts. Perhaps that is why he is a very unpredictable opponent with his own improvised fighting style !!

He carries devices that provide teleportation and holographic masking and a magic bag containing all his weapons and unlimited ammunition.

Wade Wilson – Deadpool’s Real Face

It was Wade Wilson, who gave himself the name “Deadpool”.

After Wade Wilson was rejected from the Weapon-X program, the government was allegedly sent to the hospice. The setting in which the failed superheroes operators were processed. Unknown to the Canadian government, hospice patients served as experimental items for Dr. Killebrew and his sadistic assistant Ajax (then called the “assistant”) when patients relied on the “dead group” about how long each subject would live. Killiebrew subjected Wilson to several agonizing experiments to his own satisfaction.

Due to the fact that Wilson was eager for revenge with Ajax, who had a lobotomized Worm, the closest Wilson was to a friend, he shot Ajax in the chest with two automatic rifles, leaving him dead. Taking the name Deadpool, he escaped from the hospice with his colleagues.