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Creative Newborn Photography Props and Reminders

Infanthood is a delicate and tender stage at your baby’s life. This stage will only happen once and naturally, you want to document everything. If you are considering of taking artistic newborn photos, choosing the right newborn photography props is just one of the concerns to think of. You also have to choose a professional photographer that specializes in this area. In this article, all considerations to be taken when doing a newborn photography are discussed.

Safety Comes First when Doing Newborn Photography

As mentioned earlier, your baby is tender and tiny. It is therefore imperative to put his safety above all else. This is also the reason why hiring a professional newborn photographer is essential. You want to work with someone who knows what they’re doing.

The rule of thumb is simply to use your common sense and never put the baby in a stressful situation. Once he starts to cry, there might be some things that is stressing him or making him feel uncomfortable.
Creative newborn photography props should never be sharp, rough, pointed, or coated with paint with lead. These are just a few of the things that you shouldn’t use as a baby photography props. The list of prohibited props could be extensive. Again, use your common sense. Anything that has a potential to hurt your baby shouldn’t be used.

Creative Newborn Photography

Proper Lighting Can Make a Tremendous Difference

When it comes to camera, using high-end and expensive gears is not always necessary. You shouldn’t be too concerned with the type of camera that your professional baby photographer is using. Let them do their job and see the magic. Most of the time, the photographer will rely on great lighting and appropriate newborn photography props to capture the best moments.

Keep Your Infant Full and Comfortable During the Entire Process

Any baby would really cry if he needs to be fed or if his diaper is already wet. As a parent, you should be able to understand your baby’s needs. To make the newborn photography easier, choose a time when he’s already been fed and his diapers are newly changed. If you noticed artistic newborn photos, most babies are taking a nap or sleeping. This will help the photographer take the best angles quickly so your baby pictorial session will be over in less than an hour.

Determine When to Do the Newborn Photography Session

Most parents would like to have their baby’s newborn photographs taken within two weeks of being born. Ideally, newborn photographs must be taken within the first month after the mother has given birth. This means that you have to start planning even before the mom has given birth. Look for potential infant photographers in your area and check out their sample portfolio. By seeing their previous works, you will get an idea whether you want to work a particular photographer or not.

How to Choose Newborn Photography Props

The choices are unlimited when it comes to choosing the best and most creative newborn photography props. As explained above, you just have to ensure that your baby is safe and away from harm during the entire pictorial.

Since the options are limitless, you can get overwhelmed. Choose first a theme. For example, if you’re thinking of a travel theme, you can use suitcases, travel maps, and passport as your props. If you’re considering a heavenly theme, you can use angel wings, feathers, and white props. The professional infant photographer should also be able to give you ideas.