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Best Ways to Whiten Yellow Teeth at Home

“Teeth that are pearl white, hair that is gold. The most beautiful princess who’s tale ever told.” But how many of us are actually able to achieve that perfect pair of gums and teeth? How many can actually visit the dentist every two days a week for floss? Well, very few. This article is for them and as well as anyone is willing to have the perfect 32! Flossing and chemical treatment are evidently an effective way of teeth whitening but they are quite of an expense. It will be convenient for us all, without taking out any lump of time to wait for the dentist’s appointment, to attain the best, pearl-white teeth. This is the major concern of this article and given below are the best ways to whiten teeth at home with organic, harm-free and easy-to-get ingredients.

Whiten Yellow Teeth at Home

Activated Charcoal

Finely grind an activated charcoal tablet with your fingers, put the powder on a wet, clean toothbrush and brush in your convenient way. Activated charcoal is known to be the best absorber of dirt and micro-organisms; it does not harm teeth enamel and is easily available too.

Powdered milk added to toothpaste

Powdered milk is sugar free and does no harm to gums, mix it with your toothpaste, brush and rinse the mouth thoroughly. Powdered milk whitens as well as adds necessary calcium to teeth to keep them healthy.

Baking soda and lemon juice

Both the ingredients have efficient acid content. Citric acid in lemon is a brilliant cleanser. This combination should not be applied more than once a week because the acid might dissolve the enamel. Apply this on your teeth; keep just for two minutes and the results will be amazing!

Sea-salt, lemon juice and toothpaste

Prepare a mixture of half-tablespoon sea-salt, fresh squeezed lemon juice and your toothpaste, apply the mix on clean, wet toothbrush, brush through-out the gums and teeth and rinse thoroughly. This should be done only once or twice a week.

Apple cider vinegar mixed with water

Add half-teaspoon apple cider vinegar to one glass water, stir to dilute properly and rinse mouth thoroughly every morning with this solution. The acetic and tartaric acids in the vinegar will wash away the yellow layer from teeth.


Mash a ripe strawberry, apply the paste on teeth and brush for a minute until it is distributed to every corner of your mouth. Rinse it thoroughly and feel the incredible fresh smell of breathe and shining white teeth. This must be done once a month.

This article tends to enlighten you on the easiest and most efficient ways of whitening your teeth just at home, with a little time from your busy schedule. The ingredients mentioned above are 100% natural and easily available everywhere. They have zero side-effects, multiple benefits and application is very lucid. Fruits, milk, salt and natural extracts contain the same chemical elements that are used in treatment for yellow teeth but in a simpler composition. Therefore, it is so very better to use them as natural whitening factors and get the fine, flawless smile we always wanted!