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Best Testosterone Boosters For 2017 – A Knowhow

Before we check out the best testosterone boosters available in the market, lets first get to know what is Testosterone, testosterone boosters and their benefits alongside the best testosterone boosters for 2017.

What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is a hormone produced in Leydig cells of testes in males. It is also called anabolic steroid in males.  It is responsible for proper growth of physical structures in males/boys.


What are Testosterone boosters and how do they help?

They are supplements that help to increase the ability of your body to produce more testosterone. They are not replacements but are ways to increase the production of testosterone in your body naturally. The benefits of using the best testosterone boosters for 2017  include:

  1. Increase in strength
  2. Increased Sex drive
  3. Muscle gain and
  4. Decrease fat

How to take them?

There are various testosterone booster supplements available. However, it is usually recommended to take them in the morning along with breakfast which helps your body to have the amount of energy required for the daily activities. Depending on the supplement you choose, there will be instructions on the bottle for the recommended dosage to take. Every supplement has a different dosage.


Top Testosterone boosters for 2017:

  1. Testo Fuel: Made out of main ingredients like vitamin D, extracts of Oyster and D-Asprin acid, this one tops the list because it is made of all natural ingredients and hence it is the safest option to increase strength and muscle. Not just that, it also gives increase in energy levels, enhanced mood and faster recovery of any injuries. It also tops the list because each ingredient is researched, tested and the formula is made of tight quantities of ingredients that would result in high performance.
  2. Test Booster: Suitable for both people looking to obtain more strength/energy and those at the stage of reducing t-levels, it is a blend of natural extracts. It helps to promote natural testosterone levels in the body and helps to build muscle density and increased energy levels as well.
  3. Prime Male: This would be the right choice for middle aged men who are looking to get back into shape. Made of a combination of plant extracts, vitamins, amino acids and minerals, it is a natural way that helps you not just to get back to shape, but increases your libido, energy levels, builds muscle and strength.
  4. Test HD: Best suited for those who take steroids for body building. Supplementing with Test HD does not need to be an ON and OFF cycle. It consists of boron, velvet bean, tribulus and nettle root, all of which are recognized to support a significant increase in T-levels. Most important is that it consists of shilajit picked from selected rocks and is put through a technology to purify and standardize.
  5. T-Bomb by MHP: This supplement not only supports testosterone but also promotes bioactive free testosterone which attaches to albumin. It is a freely available testosterone which readily attaches to the cells and reflects the activity of the body..