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A Guide to Buy Glasses Online

Sometimes, going to the shop just isn’t convenient for us. Using online shopping instead of going to a physical store has become popular over the past few years. However, there are still a few things that are difficult to purchase online. Glasses are one of these. VU Optometrist in Montreal has come up with an easy guide to help you pick out your eyewear on the internet.

Know what you want & search for it Do some research, speak to your optometrist and decide what lens material, and lens coatings you would like. From here, you can search through the various online eyewear providers’ catalogs to find a pair that suits your requirements as well as your personal style.

Have your PD Measurement Your PD measurement is the distance between your two pupils. This ensures your vision will be in top shape when you’re wearing your perfectly aligned glasses. The easiest way to measure your PD is to have your optometrist do it for you. Many online shopping sites will suggest various ways of measuring your PD, however, they are often complex and not always accurate.

Buy Glasses Online

Glasses Size & Comfort Fitting you with eyeglasses can be difficult. Some online sites will suggest that you find a pair are similar to current glasses, measure your head with a measuring tape, or use your hat size as a reference point. Your prescription strength and the weight of the glasses will also affect the comfort. Sizing is important because glasses that are too small will pinch your head causing headaches, and ones that are too large will slip constantly.

Style Finding glasses that suit your face is another challenge in online shopping. You cannot try them on as you would in a traditional store. Many online stores will let you select two or three pairs to try on at home, and let you return your least favorite. Others have options to superimpose the image of the frames on your picture via webcam. Some sites simply offer tips on selecting the right eyeglasses for your face shape.

Returns To ensure your own satisfaction, choose a company that will allow you to return the glasses if they don’t suit you for some kind of refund. This will give you a sense a security when purchasing online and will make your decision process easier.