7 Ways to Take Better Care of Your Hair

Having great hair can really make a difference to your overall appearance and attractiveness and a critical component for having hair that looks good is ensuring that you take care of your hair and treat it with lots of love, affection and respect. So many people place a lot of focus on styling and preparing their hair that they do not realise that what they are doing (i.e. overusing curling irons, straightening irons and other heat products) is actually damaging their hair rather than making it look good for a night out with the girls.

This guide will discuss the best ways to take better care of your hair so that you can ensure that it always looks sleek and sassy (and you are not so worried about damaging it with hair styling tools.) If you damage your hair so much then there always options like human hair wigs, weaves and extensions to fall back on but let’s try and keep that as an absolute last resort!

Better Care of Your Hair

Watch Your Diet

They say that you are what you eat and well – it’s true! Even when it comes down to your hair! If you eat too much greasy, unhealthy junk food then it will have a detrimental impact on your hair. Whereas if you are eating healthy, nutritional foods – it will help strengthen your hair follicles and make the overall appearance of your hair much better. The most important components in your diet that benefit your hair are iron and protein, both of which should be consumed daily.

For getting your iron intake, try green and leafy veggies, cereals (yes some carbs are perfectly ok!), Fish, beans and seeds.

To get your protein fix, try yoghurts paired with yummy fruits, lentils, soy, quinoa and peas. Some dairy products are also good for your hair since they are jam packed with amino acids – i.e. milk and cheese.

Cold Rinse

So you’ve washed and conditioned your hair. What next? Reach for the towel and scrub it dry? Not yet! Once you’ve finished washing your hair, give it a quick rinse with cold water. This helps strengthen your hair and will have it looking and feeling more shiny and sleek.

Get Regular Haircuts

Split ends are gnarly and unsightly. What’s more is that having split ends and not cutting your hair regularly can actually stunt growth. Ideally you should get your haircut every 6 to 8 weeks but at the very least, try and go every three months unless you want your hairdresser to yell at you.

Get Regular Haircuts

Deep Condition Monthly

Whether your hair is dry and damaged, or it is quite normal and generally in good condition, you should treat yourself to a deep conditioning treatment every now and then. You can have this done professionally with a stylist, or do it yourself by investing in a pot of deep conditioner. Not only does this refresh and nourish your hair, it will feel incredible after drying – making it perfect for styling in high ponies and other styles that require hair to look sleek and shiny.

Typically deep conditioning treatments should be left in for 10-20 minutes before being rinsed out. You could also consider creating your own hair mask products using natural yoghurts, fruits and other ingredients that make the mask look and smell good enough to eat!

Be Gentle

Do not, we repeat, do not, under any circumstance just tug at your hair with a hairbrush when you uncover knots and tangles. This can only lead to tears (and split ends!) When you wash your hair, comb through your wet hair with a fine pronged comb to detangle and remove any knots.

Minimize Use of Heat

Heat from curling irons, hair straighteners and blow dryers can play a significant role in damaging and drying out your hair. Where possible, try and minimise the use of these appliances as much as you can. For example, if you are planning on washing your hair before heading out, try and wash it plenty of time in advance so that you can let it dry out naturally by tying it up with a towel rather than a hairdryer. When straightening out your hair with ceramic irons, by taking care and doing this slowly, you can make the effects of the process last for several days.

In all instances where you have to use a heated appliance on your hair, use a heat defence serum or spray beforehand in order to protect your hair.  You can also minimize the damage caused by ensuring that the heat styling tools that you use are high quality and ceramic. Good quality clipless curling irons for example won’t fry your hair like low cost ones.

Minimize Use of Heat

Oil Slick it

One important thing to bear in mind when using hair oils is that everything should be done in moderation. Seriously. There’s a fine line between not using enough oil and using so much that you look like an oil rig or a freshly greased baking tray and trust us, you do not want to cross it.

Oil provides your hair with the minerals it needs to stay strong and healthy. It is also a good quick fix option if your hair is looking a bit frizzed and frazzled. Coconut oil and Moroccan Argan oil are great for protecting your hair from sun damage as well as nourishing it and making it look presentable. If you are having issues with hair falling out then you can use olive oil instead.

The way you present yourself says a lot about you. By taking care of your hair – it’s likely you will appear to be more put together. Try taking some of these tips into consideration the next time you’re styling your hair.

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