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6 Things about Your Jewelry That Shout Out FAKE!

It’s not the brand or the price tag that adds value, rather it’s the choice of make and the craftsmanship – the finer details that can make even the cheapest of imitation jewelry worth a fortune. Here are six things that make your jewelry look faker than Kim Kardashian’s big fat fake butt! Too childish for you Butterflies, elephants, and hearts – basically anything that makes you go “Awe… that’s so cute” is childish and rarely looks expensive. It doesn’t matter if it costs you a shallow $15 that too on a 50% discount e-coupon, or a staggering 2k at the mall, anything that looks like it’s meant for kids can’t ever be perceived as anything expensive. In other words, simply stay miles away from anything cutesy shapes (especially in bright or pastel colors), hearts, and anything that looks like a child’s toy or fantasy creature.

Random beads on a string I’m pretty sure you have tons of these things called jewelry lying around in your drawer. Well for starters, why would spend so much money on something that you could have made it at home with some loose beads, a piece of string, and the most basic amount of skill and creativity? And even if you think that you absolutely must have them in your collection as a staple, then at least go for semi-precious or precious stones, and pearls for better and more expensive look. That way even a single string will pass a statement. Stay away from common glass and plastic beads, not only do they look tacky when worn in bulk, but they also add a couple years to your age.

Jewelry That Shout Out FAKE

Sloppy enamel Enamel work tends to add a very traditional feel to even the most contemporary of jewelry pieces. However, a poorly finished job can quickly turn retro into retarded. When sifting through jewels with enamel work, be sure to thoroughly check the details and finishing to avoid buying something with imperfections; sloppy enamel work definitely does not speak well about workmanship and price.

Shiny metal Cheap jewelry is often crafted in inexpensive metal alloys that are then painted or electroplated to look extremely shiny. Well, the bright shine kind of gives it away because the good quality metal used in jewelry is generally a lot denser and shiny, but not that shiny. You might want to familiarize yourself with good quality jewelry metals like gold and silver and then look for pieces in relatively closer hues. That way you wouldn’t end up buying something that’s too shiny and looks cheap. Sometimes jewel crafters smear on a dark black to add a distressed look in an attempt to reduce the shine and add an antique touch. That’s ok but sometimes over distressing works just the same way as overly shiny.

Fake gemstones Just like those bulky strings in glass and plastic beads, fake gemstones are easy to figure out, and obviously, once someone calls them out, the piece loses its value no matter how expensive it is. As much as this has to do with the gems being fake, it also has a lot to do with our psychology; we just can’t associate anything that’s ‘’fake’ with good quality and a high price tag. The same also holds true for fake shiny metals. However, you can probably still find a handful of pieces with fake stones that still look expensive; the trick is to look for stones that are clear – dirty diamonds as some may like to call them.

That statement necklace says nothing but cheap Big chunky statement necklaces sold on online boutiques is all the rage nowadays. What’s worse is that a lot of women think that wearing a gigantic cluster of metal and gems around their neck will make an otherwise boring outfit uber stylish and sophisticated. Reality check; they’re horribly wrong. As much as it’s important to know how to style a statement necklace, it’s probably even more important to make the right choice when buying one.

Most of the times there is nothing but a collection of all the things that make your jewelry look cheaper and less chic; overly shiny metal, fake gems, and oh those beaded strings! They’re usually more “Look at me! I’m a big fat necklace” instead of a million-dollar look When picking statement necklaces, just keep all of the things you’ve read so far about what makes your jewelry look fake and make a conscious effort to avoid them; you should be good. Or even better, opt for classy pendants instead. So, what’s going out of your jewelry box now that you might think it looks fake?